How to Gain Suspicious Asbestos Sample to Test

iStock_000018489693XSmallAsbestos is a dangerous material that contains six naturally occurring silicate minerals. These materials have long thin crystals that can cause major abrasion that lead to major adverse health effects. If you suspect that you have asbestos present in your house, office or apartment it is imperative that you have it tested immediately. It does not take long for asbestos to cause damage to lungs or other passageways in your body so the faster it is tested and removed the better.

The first step to test for Asbestos is to take a small sample of the material that you want to test. It is important to stress safety during this time in case the material is in fact asbestos. Safety precautions include using a disposable dust mask and wetting the material to suppress the amount of dust that is airborne. This way the dust cannot enter your nasal passageways and will save potential negative consequences. Collect a sample using a hand tool to minimize exposure and use pliers if needed to gain access to the material. Collect the sample and place a sample in a click lock bag. It is best to double bag the material, just in case there is any residual material that is outside the bag. After you have collected the sample, paint the area to seal the broken material so the asbestos does not become airborne. Fill out any necessary forms to have the material tested and put the material in an envelope. Drop the sample off at the necessary areas to have it tested.

The company will run specific tests to test and accurately say whether the material was asbestos. If so, the necessary precautions need to be taken in order to correct the problem, otherwise, the area can be cleaned up and no precautions need to be taken. Read more information about asbestos testing come visit at