How Does Asbestos Work? Let’s Find Out

How Does Asbestos Work? Let’s Find Out



1)Can It Be Removed Completely?

Most asbestos is not harmful unless it is disturbed in some way. That means one or more fibers have to be exposed(in some way) and lifted into the air. In other words, those fibers have to be airborne in some way.

Most of the asbestos will be removed, but some trace amounts could be left. Those trace amounts should be left alone(not even a professional will disturb the trace amounts).

Say, for example, that someone does decide to remove the trace amounts. According to many industry experts, that would probably do more harm than good. No one should attempt it.

2)How Long Does Asbestos Stay In the Air After Removal?

Most experts agree that leftover particles and fibers should settle after 48-72 hours. Some particles might take longer to settle. It depends on how much of the original fiber components had been disturbed and how long it took to remove the original components.

The slightest movement in the air could cause some of the traces amounts to become airborne again. Those trace amounts could live in the air for an extended period. That is why you cannot disturb the remaining trace fibers.

3)Can A One-Time Exposure Be Severe?

There are two instances when it could become severe.


There might be extreme and more serious trace clouds of the asbestos circulating in the air(dust clouds).


You spend months and/or years living in the exposure(without even knowing it). Learn more about asbestos testing.