Test your Home for Asbestos Before you Buy it

Test your home for asbestos before you buy it


When you move into a new home you never really know what you will be walking into. Home’s can have problems that you identify before you move in and which the seller can identify, and others that hide beneath the surface to pose major peoblems and exoenses later on when you are on the hook for them. One of the largest potential problems out there is asbestos and having a home tested for asbestos is essential before you buy it.

What is Abestos and Why is it in my Home

Asbestos is a carcinogen that may lead to cancer when inhaled. It is banned from use in home construction and new homes that have been constructed since the 1970s are unlikely to have any asbestos in it. In older homes, asbestos was a commonly used product for insulation in homes. It was low cost and a highly efficient insulation that became the industry standard until it was noted to be a carcinogen.

Testing for Asbestos

If the home is new construction then you won’t need to have your home tested as it is unlikely that it contains asbestos in it. Older homes have a higher chance of having asbestos and you should start by asking the home owner the history of the home including if the home was tested for asbestos or had any removed and ask for support for what you are told. If the documentation and answers aren’t appropriate then you should have the home tested for asbestos before you move in. This is particularly true if you are planning major repairs that require stripping dry wall and exposing the home to the insulation. This can lead to a prolonged risk for asbestos exposure and put you and your family at risk. Test your home for asbestos before you buy it. Click on asbestos testing for more details.