Asbestos Should be Identified in Every Property


Asbestos should be identified in every property

The identification of asbestos plays a major role in the safety and security of any property as this is one of the most dangerous materials found in the construction industry. Asbestos has been mined for its many different qualities for thousands of years, but the major move to bring asbestos into the homes and commercial buildings of people did not begin until the end of the 19th century. The industry grew by large amounts throughout the first half and middle of the 20th century as asbestos was seen as a high quality insulator and was transformed into a wide range of different products for use in construction and other industries. Only when the health hazards associated with asbestos were discovered in the mid 20th century did the move towards removal of the product begin in earnest.

Asbestos testing is important

It is important to have a property tested for the presence of asbestos whenever a sale or purchase takes place, with many testing companies offering documentation after an initial inspection has taken place to prove the freedom from asbestos of a property. Many construction groups recommend an asbestos inspection and removal company being employed to investigate any building over 20 years of age. An asbestos removal company will be trained in identifying and removing this material from all areas of a property before disposing of the asbestos materials in a controlled and approved way to limit its impact on the public or the environment. If you want to know more click on asbestos testing.