Asbestos Removal and the Respect it Deserves


Asbestos Removal and the Respect it Deserves

Asbestos is a toxin that was widely used in construction materials before 1980. Just saying the word invokes fear in many people for good reason. Only one inhalation of asbestos has the potential to cause lung disease. Removal is not a simple process and must be treated with the respect it deserves. Hiring a professional is often recommended. Below are the steps required to ensure the safe removal of asbestos.

  • Spread plastic sheeting on the floor and walls of the area where the work is
    being done. Seal off this area from other parts of the structure. Wear
    protective suiting, head to toe, and use an N-100 respirator mask. Also use
    gloves, goggles, and shoe covers.
  • Wet the material containing the asbestos with a mixture of liquid soap and
    water. Use a sprayer to ensure all the material is wet.
  • Remove the material from top to bottom. Pry it away in the largest pieces
    possible and prevent them from breaking apart. Continue to keep these pieces
    as wet as possible. Place them in sealable plastic bags and mark as
  • After the asbestos is removed, clean the area thoroughly with wet mops and
    only a HEPA vacuum. Place any protective clothing into sealable plastic bags.
    Dispose of them in the same manner as the asbestos and as required by the
    state where the property is located.

As described above, asbestos removal is a serious undertaking. Correct performance is needed to ensure safety and avoid illness in the future. For more info read on asbestos testing.

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