Asbestos Testing


Things you need to know about getting asbestos testing

If you need to have asbestos testing done on a property you own or rent, there are some things you need to know before you go about ordering it.

You can order asbestos testing on the Internet — You do not have to call a variety of companies in an attempt to order asbestos testing in your property. There are many companies that have a strong Internet presence, and that allow you to order asbestos testing directly from their websites.

Their sites also include all the information you will need about that particular company, and how it conducts its testing.

How long does an asbestos testing take to do? — For most people, a typical testing will only take a few minutes to order, and then an hour or so to conduct. Results will then be emailed to you within 48 to 72 hours.

At that point you will know if your home had asbestos used as an insulation, or if you are in the clear.

Self-testing is also possible — If you have not been involved in an asbestos testing before, you may not also know that self-testing is also possible.

This entails buying a kit from one of the many websites or testing companies selling them. When the kit arrives, unpack the contents and then follow the instructions to collect your own samples.

The kit will tell you where samples should be taken from and how they should be packaged. Packaging is also included in the home asbestos testing kit.

Once all your samples are packaged, mail them to the testing lab whose address comes with the kit. The lab will then test your samples for asbestos and quickly inform you of the results.

It is then up to you to decide what to do next, if your property tests positive.