Questions to Ask in an Asbestos Testing Process

If you buy a home, you may be questioning whether or not you want to undergo asbestos testing. This article will provide several different factors that you should consider when entertaining the idea of having your home tested for asbestos.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a material that was commonly used in insulating homes and office buildings up until the 1970’s when it was determined to have carcinogen properties when inhaled. Asbestos was lauded for its cheap cost and the high quality of its material as an insulate and was commonly used up until its ill health effects were noted. Asbestos is damaging when inhaled and generally it is kept behind walls. However, during construction or renovations it is dislodged in the air and, if inhaled, can lead to lung cancer.

When should you have your home inspected for Asbestos?

It is best to use a common sense approach to handling asbestos. If your home is built after asbestos was banned by the federal government, then you probably do not need to be concerned with it. However, if your home is dated to a period when asbestos was currently used then you should consider if the home was previously tested. If you are moving into a home and have no history, it is a good idea to ask the old home owner and have them sign a form verifying that it was tested and is asbestos free. If they hired a firm to remove asbestos then it is a good idea to get a copy of this report.

In addition, if you are having any sort of construction done in your home, and in particular removing drywall that makes your insulation exposed to the home interior, then it is likely a good time to have this asbestos testing done in your home.

Asbestos Testing Reputable Testing Service


Asbestos testing is required in order to detect the presence of asbestos. Testing for the presence of asbestos is normally done by an environmental type laboratory. A laboratory of this nature can properly test and identify any asbestos that s present.

Usually within 24 hours a reputable testing service will have the results of any asbestos samples that are taken from a particular location. A survey sample analysis is almost always done which makes the entire testing process much more effective.

However, it is always possible for the client to collect their own asbestos samples and send the samples directly to a laboratory or testing service. If you choose to collect and send your own samples to a laboratory there are certain instructions that must be carefully followed.

First, all suspected samples must be carefully placed in a container or small jiffy type bag. Make sure all containers are clean and sterile. It is a good idea to also place an envelope inside the sample box and mark “ FTAO” for the Laboratory Manager.

Make certain you seal the original shipping box wit heavy duty duct tape. Finally, send all samples to an accredited asbestos testing facility. Of course, there is a charge associated with testing for asbestos. All related charges and costs should be discussed in advance of testing.

Depending upon the results of your asbestos samples will determine how to proceed. If the samples test positive for the presence of asbestos, more than likely you will set an appointment for trained specialists to come and remove all asbestos from the location.

Trained asbestos removal specialists will carefully remove and dispose of all asbestos safely. Specialists wear special clothing to protect themselves from the harmful effects of asbestos. Asbestos can have harmful effects after long term exposure. Asbestos can greatly harm the respiratory system making breathing quite difficult.

Asbestos Removal

1Asbestos is a substance that was previous known as the miracle substance as it could be used cheaply in a wide variety of areas. However, in recent years it was proven that asbestos is the leading cause of a ton of major health problems that could even lead to death.

There are many different types of firms that are helping people get compensation for exposure but that still isn’t a problem solver as in housing there are still much houses left with asbestos in them and that presents a problem for many people because no one wants their health at risk let alone their families. Therefore companies have been designed in order to come out and inspect homes and other buildings to see if there is the substance and if there is they can remove it. When finding one of these companies usually there is at least one locally and usually what happens is they come out talk to you about what it will be for it if they find something and have to remove it of course it is only a round about cost for that.

Then of course there will be a fee that they will go over for the inspection which is minimal to even free depending on the company and how it works. After the conversation it is up to you to have them to the work or not and if they do and they find something that clean the whole thing up in a safe manner to ensure that nothing will happen to you or your families health and that you are once again living in a clean environment that looks just as you left it before they came in.

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Asbestos Testing Info

1Asbestos used to be one of the most common affordable building materials used throughout the United States back in the ’50s and ’60s. This was because asbestos was both affordable and easy to work with. However, as we have further studied the material researchers have shown a correlation between asbestos usage and various respiratory illnesses. Now if you are worried about having asbestos in your building you need to do something about it. You can’t just have asbestos degrading in your air because it is a hazard both to you and the people around you.

Asbestos Testing
There is no reason that you shouldn’t have asbestos testing done if you fear that you may have asbestos in your building. Asbestos testing will entail a professional looking over your building, finding problem areas, and suggesting to you a plan of attack in order to get the material removed. Asbestos testing doesn’t have to be pricey and it doesn’t have to disrupt your business or establishment. Merely set up an appointment and have the professional come in.

Once asbestos is verified to be in your building you have to get it scheduled to remove immediately. At this point in time you should not try to remove the asbestos yourself. Asbestos is most dangerous when it is disrupted so this means that if you try to remove it without professional help and professional equipment you will likely end up causing more damage than you might expect. On top of this, asbestos has to be disposed of very carefully or else it will remain a problem wherever it ends up landing.

Asbestos in your building doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal but once you find it, it does need to be removed. The right asbestos removal company will make everything much easier in the long run.

How to Gain Suspicious Asbestos Sample to Test

iStock_000018489693XSmallAsbestos is a dangerous material that contains six naturally occurring silicate minerals. These materials have long thin crystals that can cause major abrasion that lead to major adverse health effects. If you suspect that you have asbestos present in your house, office or apartment it is imperative that you have it tested immediately. It does not take long for asbestos to cause damage to lungs or other passageways in your body so the faster it is tested and removed the better.

The first step to test for Asbestos is to take a small sample of the material that you want to test. It is important to stress safety during this time in case the material is in fact asbestos. Safety precautions include using a disposable dust mask and wetting the material to suppress the amount of dust that is airborne. This way the dust cannot enter your nasal passageways and will save potential negative consequences. Collect a sample using a hand tool to minimize exposure and use pliers if needed to gain access to the material. Collect the sample and place a sample in a click lock bag. It is best to double bag the material, just in case there is any residual material that is outside the bag. After you have collected the sample, paint the area to seal the broken material so the asbestos does not become airborne. Fill out any necessary forms to have the material tested and put the material in an envelope. Drop the sample off at the necessary areas to have it tested.

The company will run specific tests to test and accurately say whether the material was asbestos. If so, the necessary precautions need to be taken in order to correct the problem, otherwise, the area can be cleaned up and no precautions need to be taken. Read more information about asbestos testing come visit at

Taking Care of a Deadly but Invisible Danger

1Finding real safety within a building
One of the great ironies of modern life has to do with buildings. When people construct a building the whole point is safety. Even in ancient times our ancestors ran to the caves for protection from the outside world. And today when we construct buildings it’s with the intent of finding safety within. But in reality this safety can be an illusion that’s often worse than not having the building around at all. One of the biggest reasons for this is environmental contaminants within the building. And of these one of the most prevalent and dangerous is asbestos.

Finding out if asbestos is a problem
Thankfully it’s not that difficult to find out if asbestos is an issue within a building. Of course the easiest way is to simply check and see if it’s been tested. If it has been than one can rest assured that everything is fine. But more often than not one will discover that no testing has been done. The next step is actually to know what not to do. Most people imagine that it’s a good idea to use a home testing kit. But these are typically underpowered and can’t really offer dependable results. Instead one should look into professional asbestos testing. This might seem like a lot of trouble at first. But it’s actually a very simple process.

How to use professional testing
One will typically just fill out a simple form online. This will provide a simple estimate and provide instructions on how to get a sample out to the testing company. Once that’s done the analysis will be performed within a state of the art facility. And these results are something that can be depended on. Afterwards a plan of action can be taken in confidence based on the results. And one can finally feel safe again within the building.

Asbestos Testing Information


Our Asbestos Testing Procedure
Our asbestos testing service entails a number of steps. Here are the steps followed;

Sample Collection
The first step involves you collecting the sample that you would like tested for asbestos. However, it is important that you ensure you safety while collecting the samples. Always use a dust mask while collecting the samples and wet the material so you can reduce the dust it emits. Also, do not collect the sample with bare hands.

Asbestos Testing
After you have collected the samples, you will deliver them at our laboraties. Here our inspectors will take the samples through the required asbestos tests. Later, we will release the results of your samples to you and advise you accordingly.

Why Airsafe Asbestos Testing
We have the current technology and equipment to test your samples for asbestos. Therefore, proper diagnosis is always achieved so the right measures can be taken.

Our technicians are highly trained in the industry. Also, having been in this industry for over 30 years, we have the experience required to offer you the best asbestos testing services.

Our asbestos testing services are very reliable. Besides, we are NATA certified, meaning that we conform to all the most rigorous scientific regulation in our testing procedures.

Your asbestos testing is handled directly by our laboratories. This means that no third parties are involved. Therefore, do not have to incur extra charges of having third parties involved. Also you get you results faster.

Call us today on the phone number 02 9555 9034 and get your peace of mind.