What Is Asbestos Testing? It Is Something That Will Make Your House Safe

Petri dishes with mold on white surfaceWhat Is Asbestos Testing And Why Do You Need It?

If you have heard a lot about asbestos testing lately, and if you live in an older home, then you can know that this testing is something that you need because it will make sure that your home is safe. What it is, is when someone comes to your home and sees if there is any asbestos in there. Asbestos is dangerous, and if they find it, then you can have it removed and make your home safer.

Find A Company That Has Long Been Doing This Testing

When you find a company that has long been doing the same kind of work, you will find one that you will trust to do the work well for you. The company can see if there is asbestos in your home and give you a real answer about whether or not it is there. And, that same company can remove it if they do find it, which will be simple and easy for you. You have to pick the company that has been doing the testing for a while so that you will fully trust it to do what’s right.

Your Home Will Never Have Been Better

You may not have realized the harm that asbestos could cause before you started hearing about the testing that your friends and neighbors were having done, but once you realize how bad-for-you asbestos is, you will want to get your home tested. And, once it is tested and removed, your home will be better than ever. And you will feel good about your decision to stay living there because you know that everything is alright in your home. It isn’t bad for your health to be there anymore because the asbestos has been taken out.

Use Asbestos Testing to Prevent Unexpected Health Issues


Use Asbestos Testing to Prevent Unexpected Health Issues

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral used for its strength and heat-resistance in building materials in older homes. Houses built before 1980 may contain asbestos in materials, including floor tiles, insulation, ceiling tiles, and other materials used in constructing the home.

Asbestos dust is released into the air when asbestos materials become damaged or deteriorate over time. Once asbestos is airborne, it is highly toxic and becomes a severe health hazard if inhaled. Airborne asbestos particles can cause scarring of the tissue lining in the lungs (mesothelioma) and lung cancer.

Caution regarding asbestos is essential before renovating or buying an older home. A visual inspection of the house may not reveal the presence of asbestos, so it’s important to have your home tested by an EPA-approved certified professional contractor. These trained contractors have specialized equipment to minimize the risk of exposure and are licensed to handle asbestos.

Testing for asbestos starts with the contractor placing plastic sheeting below the location of the testing sample. Then the area is sprayed with water, which will keep loose fibers from becoming airborne. Next, a tool is used to collect the sample from the material. The contractor places the sample in a sealable container and sends it to an accredited lab for performing the asbestos analysis.

For building materials, the most common method of testing is Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM). This testing method uses the properties of polarized light to analyze specific properties in fibers. This process allows researchers to identify asbestos particles in the sample. PLM test results show the percentage of asbestos within a particular material after analysis.

If the test results show the presence of asbestos, a certified contractor can remove the materials from the house.

Other types of tests available for testing asbestos are Transmission Electron Microscopy, used for testing asbestos in soil, and Phase Contract Microscopy, used for testing asbestos in the air. Read on asbestos testing for more ideas.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Service For Asbestos Removal


Asbestos Testing

     Anybody who knows they have to get asbestos removed from their home or office will often consider doing the removal themselves. After all, the cost of a professional asbestos removal can be high. Especially if the substance is discovered in several rooms.

Doing an asbestos removal yourself, however, is rarely a good idea. Especially when there are so many good reasons for paying for a professional service to do it instead.

The time factor preparing to remove asbestos — When a typical asbestos removal begins, the company you hire will tape off the affected area with large plastic sheets. This prevents any asbestos escaping from the contaminated area, and makes the entire removal process much faster.

As any company you hire usually has a lot of experience with asbestos removal, they will also be able to tape the plastic sheeting much faster than you could do yourself. This saves time on the removal itself.

The time factor on removing asbestos — When you do any asbestos removal, it must be carried out carefully and safely. For an amateur like yourself, this could mean adding several hours onto the time needed for asbestos removal. It could also mean you have to remain outside the building for days longer than is necessary while you finish the work.

With a professional service, however, they are so used to removing asbestos safely, they can do it safely but also quickly. This may often mean you can move back into the building even earlier than you expected, and have a completely safe building to move into.

The experience — Paying for a professional service means you are paying for experience. That experience comes with safety, efficiency and a good reputation. It also comes with a certificate of an asbestos-free building once the work has been completed.

Please see asbestos testing for more.

What is Asbestos Testing?

1Asbestos is a substance that was used as an form of insulation in homes and commercial buildings for many years. Over a period of time, it became known that it was dangerous namely due to a risk that when it was inhaled it became a cancer causing agent. Because of this, asbestos was banned and is no longer in usage.

The Lurking Threat

Just because asbestos was banned from usage doesn’t mean it doesn’t pose a threat. Asbestos was the most popular form of insulation in a home and it’s Use was widespread and notable. It is still installed in many homes and poses a major threat to homeowners around the world. The risk escalated when major work is done in a home in the form of a renovation or remodeling as the asbestos fibers are often kicked into the air and leads to a heightened risk of health issues. Further, many homeowners do not even know that there is asbestos present in their home as they bought their home significantly after the asbestos ban was put in place. Asbestos is commonly behind walls and it is unknown to a homeowner or person looking for themselves. That is where asbestos testing comes in.

Having Your Home Tested for Asbestos

If you suspect their is asbestos in your home you should have it checked by a professional firm that specializes in asbestos removal. Asbestos testing is best left to a professional with the experience to identify asbestos and who can verify that your home is asbestos free. This verification goes a long way if you are trying to sell your home and prove to a potential buyer that there is no asbestos present. Further, it can set your mind at ease and reduce the fear of bodily harm to you and your family from asbestos.

Asbestos Testing


Things you need to know about getting asbestos testing

If you need to have asbestos testing done on a property you own or rent, there are some things you need to know before you go about ordering it.

You can order asbestos testing on the Internet — You do not have to call a variety of companies in an attempt to order asbestos testing in your property. There are many companies that have a strong Internet presence, and that allow you to order asbestos testing directly from their websites.

Their sites also include all the information you will need about that particular company, and how it conducts its testing.

How long does an asbestos testing take to do? — For most people, a typical testing will only take a few minutes to order, and then an hour or so to conduct. Results will then be emailed to you within 48 to 72 hours.

At that point you will know if your home had asbestos used as an insulation, or if you are in the clear.

Self-testing is also possible — If you have not been involved in an asbestos testing before, you may not also know that self-testing is also possible.

This entails buying a kit from one of the many websites or testing companies selling them. When the kit arrives, unpack the contents and then follow the instructions to collect your own samples.

The kit will tell you where samples should be taken from and how they should be packaged. Packaging is also included in the home asbestos testing kit.

Once all your samples are packaged, mail them to the testing lab whose address comes with the kit. The lab will then test your samples for asbestos and quickly inform you of the results.

It is then up to you to decide what to do next, if your property tests positive.

Asbestos Testing With Airsafe

Airsafe’s NATA connected and accredited the laboratory that uses the state-of-the-art materials and or equipment to get you a broad-definitive answer about asbestos themselves. We get you the outcome and results quickly for a very low fixed price that is extremely convenient per sample aka safety procedures and precautions as outlined in Fact Sheet 2 for Safe Practices for Homeowners and or apartments owners for Repairing or Removing Small and of course larger amounts of Asbestos produce and or Materials from the one and only asbestosawareness.com.au Wet the material to calm and or suppress the dust release.

Carefully contain and collect a sample using hand tools of any sort (sample measurement/size should be 5-100g). We recommend using pliers with the inside corners and or edges that are protected with a wet wipe. Place the material and or sample (including a wet rag or wipe if used for the specific subject or event) in a zip-lock plastic container and or bag. You can find almost anu of these materials and things at almost any supermarket around you or in the area of where you stay or live.

Double bag your sample in a measly second with a reliable seal-able plastic zip-lock bag. After sampling the material, you should use some paint to seal and confine any broken materials or damage with the major potential to cause airborne asbestos major dust. Asbestos identification and procurement must be done in a professional laboratory with the proper materials and or of course the right equipment. At Airsafe asbestos, we don’t leave out or outsource sample analysis to a side third-party asbestos major testing lab.

Instead, we have our very own state-of-the-art professional laboratory where we sample and analyze samples in major full detail, using a traitorous rigorous process and majorly advanced asbestos testing methods and subjects including such Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) and of course the one and only Dispersion Staining (DS).

Asbestos Testing Info

1Asbestos is a major health concern and needs to be removed from homes when it is identified. Identifying asbestos is challenging and requires specialized testing to find. Understanding the importance of it is one thing, knowing when to spend the money on asbestos testing is another.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a substance that was commonly used as a form of insulation in homes. It was considered to be a high efficiency form of insulation at a low and reasonable cost. The problem with asbestos is that it is considered to be an carcinogen and was outlawed as a result of its harmful role. However, it wasn’t fully removed from homes universally and still remains a lurking health issue. Asbestos is most dangerous when it is airborne, often during construction. It can be inhaled into lungs and the micro particles serve as a major health risk to those who breathe in its particles.

Testing for Asbestos

There is of course an expense associated with testing for us passes. Since this asbestos is used in insulation which is kept behind the walls of your home, you will have to make holes in your drywall to properly test for the presence of asbestos. If you are moving into a home that was built during the time when this message was commonly used but it makes sense to test for spaces. In addition, if you have never tested your home for spaces and you suspect it is there due to some health issues that you are facing it is appropriate to test for us Asbestos. If you were having construction done at your home and your drywall will be removed, it is an excellent opportunity to test for asbestos by playing in a licensed asbestos tester. Otherwise, if your home is new construction, or has been previously tested for us asbestos than it doesn’t make sense to have it retraced.